The thing that irks me the most about ME3’s endings is that they completely invalidate the plot of ME1. The dialogues with Vigil and Sovereign, two of my favorite pieces of game writing, are rendered meaningless. So  apparently Vigil didn’t know that there was an anti-Reaper WMD passed through countless civilizations. So Sovereign and Saren did their “infiltrate the Citadel to open the relay” thing strictly for shits and giggles, because the Reaper chief was on the citadel the whole time. Way to wreck your own canon, Bioware. Well fucking done.

Note: Vigil is the floating orange thing in the background, if you couldn’t make it out! :D

Posted on May/13/2012
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    I rather play ME3 and be disappointed then playe ME1 again and look at all the amazing thought, plot and concept put...
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    For some reason this is a point that never clicked in my head. Now I’m annoyed again.
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    There was a little bit foreshadowing in ME2 because they hadn’t dismissed the dark energy plot then but yeah :(. So sad.
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    I can’t handle reading this. It’s making me want to break things. I’m playing through ME1 right now, and when I get to...
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