"For some reason, I can’t imagine the Illusive Man or Kai Leng sleeping. Ever."

"Am I the only one who got some seriously creepy vibes from the whole “wanting a perfect daughter who happens to have perfect tits, only 100% dad’s DNA” from the Lawsons? We know Henry’s a terrible guy, but damn…"

"I figured ME3’s default FemShep would look better once she started talking, etc. Oh dear lord, was I ever wrong. Burn it. BURN IT WITH A M-920 CAIN."

"I like Ashley Williams precisely because she’s a “space racist”, as part of the fandom are quick to call her. In this media it’s very rare still to see characters with real flaws - Ash’s xenophobia is a very real and deep flaw, which she never fully overcomes. Despite that, she’s an exemplary soldier and a loyal friend. She’s dear to me."

"Those elevator waits in ME1 were probably the most awkward things ever. I wonder how much collective time you spend just standing awkwardly in an elevator throughout the game…"

"I can never unsee that ME3 Harbinger’s ‘eyes’ look like a smiley face."

"I’m glad to know grieving for months and then suddenly jumping into bed with the first person who offers emotional support is supposed to be good, non-homophobic writing. Thanks, Mass Effect fandom."

"On ME1, I managed to save Wrex, but then I was curious and reloaded prior to saving him, to see what it was like when he died. I ended up accidentally saving his death instead of reloading. When I got Mass Effect 2 on the PS3, I realized I could say Wrex lived, but I told myself to be stick to what happened. I thought nothing of it, until a second playthrough where Wrex lived. My heart broke for my first Shepard. That, "Shepard! My friend!" would have been everything to her."


As you can see, this blog is slowly getting back on track! I just posted a few confessions, and I’ll make a queue out of the others as I make them so I don’t flood all your dashboards. I will also tag posts like these with ‘text post’, so you can filter that out if you don’t really care.

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"Sometimes I wonder what Kai Leng’s favorite cereal is."

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